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Location Plug-Ins

The news Plug-In configuration includes options for displaying news entries such as the number of news entries to display per page and the number of characters to truncate each news story summary to on the main pages which will be linked to the full article. Putting a zero (0) in the truncate field will result in this being ignored and the full story being displayed. Config options also include date formatting as well as the listing order for news entries.

News items can be scheduled to release on a specific date or number of days if Timed Content Release System is in use. The news editor makes use of built-in HTML support which means you can paste pre-formatted HTML into the text field or make use of the included tag insertion feature to make your news entries more custom and dynamic. By customizing the XSL templates, the news feature can easily be used as an internal blog creator.

Extra Fields
Location Plug-Ins

This feature allows you to add custom data fields and have them show with your Content Set.
Name assigns a unique identifier to be used to call the data within the template. Title is the Title text that will appear for the field in both the admin and member area. You have the option to use a text area, text field or a checkbox (supports automatic yes/no - either/or text output).

Description is optional and will show up on the set add/edit page as a text description for the field. This is a convenience option for internal use only.

Extra fields can have 3 locations. 1 location is the Category pages. If Category is selected as a location, you will see the fields as options when you go to add or edit a category. This is useful for displaying anything custom on your member area category pages. Possible uses for this would be the addition of category specific up sells, trivia, etc.

The other locations are Sets and Content Associations. A location of sets will result in the extra field being added to the sets add/edit page. This will allow you to have custom fields for each set. A location of Content Associations will allow you to assign extra fields to the models. This is especially useful for creating model bios or similar additional model data.

This feature is extremely flexible and can support text or HTML input. Possible uses for this include creating model bios or enabling banners to show up on specific set's gallery pages.

Note - Editing Extra Fields is possible but any newly added fields will not work without template support.

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