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This Plug-In offers the ability to manage a separate set of pages for trial members. A flexible array of setup options allows for many different configurations.

In addition to the ability to specify a different upgrade page for clicks on each item this feature offers the option to limit access to each type of content.

The Limit Access to Pages field will set the photo gallery page(s) to allow access to. For example, if this is set to 1, each trial member will have access to the first page of each gallery but when the member clicks a link for page 2, 3, etc. the upgrade URL will be displayed.

The Limit Full Clicks to Pages field will specify the pages that allow clicks on thumbnails. For example, if this is set to 1, each trial member will be able to view all full size photos on page 1 only.

Limit Access to Video Clips sets the number of clips to allow viewing and/or downloading depending upon your XSL template setup. For example, a setting of 1 will result in a trial member being allowed to view the first clip of each set. Clicks on the remaining clips will result in the upgrade URL being displayed.

Full Access to Recent Updates allows a trial member to enjoy full access to any number of updates.

Maximum Video Clicks limits a trial member to only accessing a certain number of videos before being redirected to your upgrade URL.

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