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Remove Content from this Set
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Remove Content from this Set

Checking this box will result in any content formerly associated with this database record being removed. This DOES NOT mean that the content is deleted from the server. It means that the system will be cleared of all memory of the content existing.

The common use of this checkbox is to correct mistakes made upon upload and or import. Rather that re-enter all the accompanying data you can simply check this box and then visit the page again to recreate the content for the set or use the batch feature to replace the content.

Another common use of this function is to refresh content. This is used when you've added new folders or content to the server for a set that has already been entered into the database. The system needs to have the full set re-imported and generated. This does not mean, re-entering data, it only means you must check the related boxes for the set(s) in question.

An example of this would be uploading a set and then 3 weeks later uploading an updated folder of content for the set.

Steps for removing and re-importing content:
1) Click Sets, click Edit to open the content set and then ONLY check the box that says "Remove Content from this Set" and click the Edit Entry button.

2) Re-open (edit) the set and check the boxes for Full Size Photos and Thumbnails and Zip Files (if applicable). Also check the Import This Set Into the Database box and click the Edit Entry button. This will result in your content set being updated to include the most recent version of the files on the server.

You may also batch remove content from all sets and/or batch create content and Zip files. Please see the Knowledgebase section on batch features for more information.

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