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Error Page
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Error Page

In your system, the page that's displayed when a member encounters an error or where a content item that's unavailable is the error page.

This error page is located as follows:

PHP Templates (CMS Version 4.0)

This template is available in /cms_admin/phptemplates/[TEMPLATEFOLDER]/error.tpl

Smarty Templates (CMS Version 3.1 and 3.2)

This template is available in /cms_admin/smarty/[TEMPLATEFOLDER]/error.tpl

XSL Templates (CMS version 3.0)

This template is available in /cms_admin/smarty/[TEMPLATEFOLDER]/error.xsl

This file can be edited using an HTML editor or a text editor such as Wordpad or Notepad.
DO NOT edit this file using a WYSIWYG editor or the file will likely fail to load.

We strongly advise making a backup copy of your template folders prior to making a change as any changes you make cannot be undone and we may not be able to replace the file.


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