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Priority Defaults
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Priority Defaults
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This utility will enable pre-loading the cropper with width and height settings based on priority values. This is used when a member area design requires multiple thumbnail sizes for Content Set preview thumbs and/or Model thumbs.

Once a priority default field is added, when you load the cropper you can simply select a number from the priority dropdown and the cropper will automatically resize the photo to the size associated with that priority.

Default Template Priority Guide

To change the size of the thumbs used to represent each photo set click Setup and locate the Content Configuration section of the page. Edit the Preview Thumbnail Width and Preview Thumbnail Height as needed. Some thumbnail sizes are specified under Utilities/Priority Defaults.

Below is a guide for cropping multiple thumb sizes for use with the default member area design template.

Update Thumbs (Cropped Under Under Sets)
Priority 14: Update thumbnail shown site-wide
Priority 10: Members index page - what's hot. Also used on search results page
Priority 13: Members index page - coming soon
Priorities 20-25: Series of screencaps of video for mouse over animation on thumbnails
Priorities 26-33: Series of video caps to show as DVD scene preview thumbs on DVD page

Model Thumbs: (Cropped Under Associate Plug-In)
Priority 16: Models a-z category page listing. Also used for member's index page large top models list thumbnail
Priority 17: Members index page top rated models list small thumbnail

Important - The model thumbs can ONLY be cropped under the Content Associations Plug-in. You should see an icon on your top navigation bar titled Associate and if not, please click Toolbar Configuration on the left side menu and add this icon. Next to each model's entry you'll see Thumbs. Clicking this will let you crop the thumbs for the models.

Note - Thumbs can be bulk generated for multiple sets under Utilities/Batch Operations.


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