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Tour Manager
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Tour Manager
Location - Plug-Ins

Here we have options for adding and editing tours as well as managing the content associated with tours. The tour manager supports multiple tours, each with a unique setup and its own content associations.

To add a tour, specify a name for the tour. The name is only used to identify the tour if you have more than one. You will also need to specify the file name of the XSL template as well as the path to where tour images will be stored.

The following settings may also be used:

This will add an optional watermark to any or all tour photos. The watermark .png file should be placed in the site's members /content/ folder

Number of Updates Per Page:
This specifies the number of preview/episode tables to display on each tour page.

Maximum Number of Pages:
This will limit the tour to the number of pages specified in the case of a 2 or 3 page tour, etc.

Order By:
This lets you specify the display order of the updates. Updates can be shown by date, randomly or you can order them by rank which gives you control over the order.

Join URL:
This allows you to specify the join link code. If you prefer, the link code can also be hard-coded into the XSL template.

Truncate Description Text:
This will truncate (shorten) your description text to a specific number of characters in case you have long descriptions and need to show condensed versions on the tour. Enter 0 to disable this function.

Show Future Sets/Future Number of Sets:
If this is set to Yes it will allow you to specify the number of sets to display in a section of future updates on the tour pages.

This is where the episode tables are configured. Each location represents 1 image location within the table.
The pixel dimensions of each thumbnail is specified along with optional inclusion of a watermark on each image.
Enter a 0 (zero) for no watermark or 1 (one) to add a watermark.

Manage Content
Location - Tour Manager

This allows associations to be made between a tour and Content Sets. Here you have the option of selecting which sets you want to include on a tour.
Once sets are added, you have the option to specify a movie trailer as well as upload and/or crop images for each set.

This page is also where you control the order of updates on the tour pages. You'll see links next to each set: U D T B.
Clicking U will move the corresponding set up 1 spot. D will move it down. T will move the set all the way to the top spot, B will move it to the bottom spot.

When creating thumbs you may notice that the sizes and locations have been carried over from the tour configuration. You have the options to select thumbs from your Content Sets and crop them, or upload an image and load it into the cropper to be cropped and resized.

If a valid media type was selected from the dropdown, this will load a full size screenshot of your video.

If you scroll down, under the video you will see options for navigating frames in the movie. You can skip ahead 1 frame, 10 frames, 100 or 1000 frames. Navigate to a frame you would like to crop.

Click the Create a Thumb from This Frame button. This will load the image into the cropper.


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