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Add and Schedule Content
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Add and Schedule Content

Adding and Editing:
This process is fairly self explanatory. The set edit page is where you will perform most of the content import process. This is where the database record of each content set will be created.

Scheduling Updates:
At the top of the Add/Edit Content Set page are fields titled "Appearing" and "Days Until Visible" which control how updates are released. You can use "Days Until Visible" to release updates based on the membership length of each individual user.

To Schedule an update by date:
Enter a date into the "Appearing" field or click the Select a Date button and use the calendar to choose a date for your update. Upon clicking the Add/Edit Entry submit button at the bottom of the page your date selection will be added or edited.

To Schedule an update by days active for each member:
Enter a number of days into the "Days Until Visible" field. If the field is left blank or a 0 (Zero) is entered, the content will be available to all members instantly. This means that it will show on day 1 of their membership and they will see it when they first login to the member area.

Setting this to 1 or 2 will add increments to the default 0 and will release content on the 2nd or 3rd day of each membership cycle accordingly.

To schedule an update based on content rotation:
Each content set can have a serirs of Appear Dates and Expire Dates.

The appear date is the date when content is present on the site. The Expire date is the date the content will no longer be visible on the site.

If the Auto-Schedule Updates box is checked, the system will automatically schedule content to rotate based on the values you specify in the Number of days update is live and Number of days update will not be present before showing again.

When you enter values in these fields and hit submit, the system will automatically calculate the appear and expire dates.

For example, if you enter 10 for the Number of days update is live and enter 10 for Number of days update will not be present before showing again this means the update will show for 10 days, then vanish from the site and be shown as a new update 10 days later.


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