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Mailing List
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Mailing List

Location - Plug-Ins/Mailing List

After clicking Manage you will see a page listing the current mailing lists as well as a button to Send Email Blast.

The Add/Edit Mailing List page lets you configure your mailing list. Fields include list name, email address to show in the from field on sent emails and options that control whether a mailing list subscription for is displayed on the site.

Forms have an optional name field. Selecting Yes from the Show Name Field will result in your subscribe form having a field for name and email address. When an email is sent, you may enter ##Name## and the emails sent will be addressed to each user by name.

Clicking Subscribers will display a list of all subscribers. Here you can edit the name and email of each subscriber and select whether or not the person is subscribed (confirmed).

Send Email Blast

Clicking the Send Email Blast button takes you to a page where you can add and edit email templates and craft emails to be sent to the mailing list of your choice.

Next to the list name is a small envelope icon and the words SEND EMAIL BLAST. Clicking this will let you select a list to send to. Clicking the Send button on this page will result in emails being sent to all subscribers on the list.


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