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Preview Thumbnails
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Preview Thumbnails
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This plug-in allows automatic importing of preview images from a folder or auto-crop for each content set.

In order to use this function you must have priorities defined under Utilites/Priority Defaults.

You can specify whether the thumbnail represents a set or a model as well as which priority the thumbnail will be associated with.

You also have the option to choose whether the thumb will be captured from a folder you have uploaded or directly from the imported content files themselves.

The start and End range fields define where within a video or a set of photos you want the selection to begin and end.

The source field must list the source file to use for the capture. This is the ID of the media type you wish to use. The media type ID can be viewed to the left of each media type Under Utilities/Media Types.

If you want the system to attempt capturing from multiple media types you may enter multiple ID numbers separated by a comma e.g. 1,2,3



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