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Use Batch Features to Add Content Sets
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Use Batch Features to Add Content Sets

The batch features allow for bulk processing of functions and operations. Normally you will add a set and then wait for the system to resize, watermark, create thumbs, zips, and so on. By using the batch features you can do this in bulk and perform these operations on multiple sets at the same time.

You can have all the new sets you want to process arranged in sets folders in the /content/upload/ area like you normally would when you add a single set.
This multi-step process scans ALL available sets in the content upload area and adds them all. There is no way to select which sets are added in this batch process. It is all or nothing.

Step 1) Navigate to Utilities  >> Import/Export  >>  then  scroll down and select  "Scan Folders and Import Content"

From here you would set a date for all sets added to use(since all sets must have a date, they need a date to use during this process. We recommend using a date far in the future so your current members will not see these sets before they are ready). There is an option to Leave "Description Blank" if you want.

Click "Process" to start the import process.

The system should return you to the Batch operations area with the new sets entered and moved to the right-hand side. (If not, sort by date and add them to the right-hand side). Now you are ready to import them into the system.

Step 2)  Check the " Import Content " option. All other options will gray out. Scroll down and click the "process" button.

When this is done you'll be returned to the Batch operations page again.

Step 3) You now want to select all the sets again and move them to the right-hand include area.

Now you can select all the options for processing that you want to do for all sets. (Create photos, create thumbs, video transcoding etc.)
Keep in mind the photo processing will be done in real-time so if you have a large number of sets this will take a long time to complete and you will need to leave the browser window open and maintain an internet connection. Video operations will be sent to the transcoder queue as usual and will begin processing.

The system performs multiple processes so it's not uncommon for a batch to take several hours or even days depending on the amount of content being added and manipulated in one session.

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