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Add a New Media Type
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Add a New Media Type

Location Utilities

To add a new media type click Utilities, Media Types, Add New Entry and fill in the appropriate information using your existing media types as reference on the proper format and the pattern that defines where the files are located within each set.

Enter a label for the media type. The label is what will be displayed in the members area for example HD WMV Full Length or Mpeg Clips.

If the media type is a full length video, select Yes from the corresponding dropdown menu. If the media type is a video clip, you can choose to display a Play and/or Download link on the page for each clip.

You can set the sort order. This controls the order of the links under in each clip. The lower the number, the closer to the top it will show. For example if I want Flash Clips listed first, I would assign them an order of 0. If I want MPG Clips listed next, I would assign them a 1, and so on. This is option and only needs to be edited if you want to set the order.

Specific instructions for full movies that DO NOT have video clips:

For sites that do not have clips you will want to edit your full length media types and choose No from the full length video dropdown. You will also want to select Yes under either the play and/or download dropdowns. This will result in your full length movie vidcap and links being displayed on the page in addition to having the full download links show up towards the top.

Note - If you have updated or added new media types, you will need to re-import content in order for these to show up inside your site. You may also need to create video thumbnails for new types. Both of these can be done as a batch operation by clicking Utilities, Batch Operations.

Uploading and Filenames

When uploading files you must follow the same path as defined under patterns. If the pattern is /wmv/ the files need to be uploaded to a folder named wmv. The filenames for all formats should match. This is how the system knows that a series of movies are the same scene/movie and just different formats.




wmvclips/1.wmv, 2.wmv, 3.wmv, etc.

mpgclips/1.mpg, 2.mpg, 3.mpg, etc.


Options on the Media Type Add/Edit Page:

Name - is the name of the media type

Type - will be 1 of the following: vids, highres, caps - Do not enter values other than this.

Label - This is the name that will show up on your site as the text link for a movie e.g. Quicktime, Flash

Full Video - Only set this to Yes if the current media type is a full video. If this is set to show download it will show a download link. If it's set to Embed, it will make this the default format for the site and when someone clicks to view an update, this format will play on the page automatically.

Show Play Button - This is ONLY used for clips. This will show a link to play the embedded movie. For a full length movie this should be set to NO.

Show Download Button - This is ONLY for clips. This will show a link to download the movie. For a full length movie this should be set to NO.

Display Order - This sets the order of the media type links on the video page.

FFMpeg sort order - This controls which order the system uses to look at movie files to take screencaps. This field can usually be left blank.

Show in Member's Area - If checked, this media type will be shown in the standard member's area.

Show on Mobile Site - If checked, this media type will be shown in the mobile member's area. This is only available if you have the optional add-on mobile site setup.

Format - This is the name used as the title for the grid in the full download/watch full movie table e.g. WMV, MPG, etc.

Size/Speed - This is the download/watch link text that will show below the format title in the full download/watch grid e.g. 640x480, 1500k, 720 HD, etc.

Order - This controls which order the links show in the full download/watch grid and lets you sort them so a certain format is listed at the top and/or so that multiple sizes of the same format e.g. WMV 640 and WMV 320 are grouped together and listed 1 under the other in the table.

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