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Add a New Web site
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Add a New Web Site

*You'll need a blank MySQL dB and a new domain on the same server as the cms_admin.

Step 1) Under the Gear Icon in the right hand cormer select the "Sites" link. Click "Add a new entry" on the bottom right side

Step 2) Enter the domain and name of the new site.

Step 3) Select the existing site's settings you wish to copy to the new site.

Step 4) Click the "Add New Entry" button at the bottom.

Step 5) Read the "Warnings and Notifications for" the new site you just created. Under the Gear Icon in the right hand cormer select the "global settings" link. Enter the database information for the new site. Your host will need to set up a new MySQL database for this new site. Once you get this information from the host, please populate the information within the "Could not connect to @ Click to Repair Link" You'll need all the dB info form your host: ( hostname, dn username, db password, db Name.) Click save changes after you are done.

Step 6) Click "Home" and you will see errors. To the right side of the errors are "Click to repair" links. Click Create Tables or Repair links next to the errors at the top of the list. After that's clicked, click "Set All Defaults".

Step 7) Click "Gear Icon" on the right hand side and select "Global Settings" and Edit the path to content: You will need to change the path of your content to match the new directories you just set up. ( ou can do this step after step 9 and 10 as well if you are creating a new site)

Step 8) Click the "Utilities" icon on the top nav bar. Then, click "Import / Export" and import / export any/all settings from an existing site to the new site as needed. (Such as media types, transcoder settings, preview thumbs, and position settings). From here, you can import / export any settings as needed.

Step 9) FTP to your server and locate the members folder for one of your existing sites. Copy all of the cms related php files, css file and any other applicable files e.g. images folder, etc. and upload a copy of these files to the new site's members folder. Note - php files need to be uploaded in binary mode. DO NOT COPY THE EXISTING 'CONTENT'  FOLDER. (It will be created in step 10)

Note: If your are copying the CMS members area via FTP, please make sure you do a BINARY file transfer. If you use AUTO or ASCII settings, your encoded PHP files may be corrupted in the transfer process. For more information on how to do a BINARY transfer, please consult your FTP client's documentation.

Step 10) Within your new members folder, create a folder called "content". Inside the content folder, create two folders: "upload" and "contentthumbs". Make sure all of these directories have global write access (chmod 777 permissions).

Step 11) Inside your new members folder, edit cmsinclude.ini.php. You'll need to change Site ID to match the ID of the new site. To determine the ID of your new site, look at the multi-site dropdown in your admin panel, the ID is listed to the left of each site/domain name. You may need to change $_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]/cms_admin/ to the actual path to your cms admin panel for example /home/domains/somesite/cms_admin/

Step 12) Note: This step only applies if your members folder is named something other than /members/  and you are using smarty templates(php templates do not need to worry about this step) or if you are using a subdomain e.g. instead of a members folder. In this case you may need to edit the members path in your templates.

FTP to your server and locate your cms admin folder and your xsl (or smarty) folder. Go into the xsl or smarty folder for the new site (to find out which folder matches a site, look at the multi-site dropdown in your cms admin panel and check the ID to the left of the site name). Edit the main.xsl file (or the smarty tpl files inside the smarty/config/ folder) and change the paths to the css file and content directory as needed.

If you have any issues setting up your new site please submit a ticket and we will help you.


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