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Renaming or Moving a Members Area
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Renaming or Moving a Members Area

Step 1) Rename the folder or move the files to the new location

Step 2) In your cms admin panel, click "Setup" for the domain/site the files belong to. Edit the content and backup paths to reflect the new folder name.

Step 3) Via FTP, go into your cms_admin/xsl folder and locate the templates for the domain/site. You can see which ID belongs to each site by looking at the multi-site dropdown menu in your admin panel. Each site/domain has an ID to the left of it.

This ID matches the database and XSL or Template folder for that site.

Step 4)

If you use XSL Templates:

Edit main.xsl and change the css, rss and content paths near the top of the page to reflect the new members folder.

If you use Smarty Templates:

Edit smarty/smarty_folder/config/static.conf and change the members path to reflect the new members folder.

Be sure to also edit/update your tour links to point to the correct members area location.

Let us know if you need help but please note that moving files is not considered technical support and additional charges may apply.

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