Add a New Tour
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Add a New Tour

Step 1) FTP to your server and create a folder for your new tour

Step 2) Using binary transfer mode, copy the contents of your existing tour folder. Note - you do not need to copy the content/ folder. Intead, create an empty folder named /content inside your new tour folder. You MUST set file permissions (CHMOD) the /content/ folder to 777. For information on doing this please refer to your FTP client's help file.

Step 3) Inside your new tour folder, edit cmsinclude.ini.php and change the path to cms_admin to include the actual path to your admin panel.

Step 4) Change Tour ID to the number that corresponds to the ID of the tour listed in the Tour Manager in cms_admin. This will be listed under Id to the left of the tour name.

Step 5) Change the site ID to match the site ID of the site (if applicable). You can determine the site ID by looking at the multi-site dropdown in your admin panel. There's an ID to the left of the site name.

Step 6) Create(or have your host create) a symlink in your tour folders '/content/' folder named 'contentthumbs' that links to your members areas' 'contentthumbs' folder. Your system will try and do this automatically once you go to the admin home page and click  "set defaults" for your tours' thumbs

Step 7) Edit the cmsinclude.ini.php file to reference the coorect template folder. If you are using Smarty edit the SMARTY_FOLDER=    line to refer to the correct smarty folder you wish to use. f you are using PHP templates edit the PHP_FOLDER=    line to refer to the correct PHP Template folder you wish to use.

Step 8) If you plan to use the SEO urls on Smarty templates you'll ned to edit the conf files to provide the full path to the tour.

You will need to change the path to the content and the tour folder namein the smarty folders' config files for the new site.

/cms_admin/smarty/< smarty folder name >/config/static.tour.conf

This determines the SEO domain name and url and the path top find the tour areas content.


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