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Add a Mega-Pass All Access Network Sub-Site
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Adding an MegaPass / All Access Network Sub-Site

NOTE - This requires an MegaPass / All Access Network Setup which is an optional system add-on as described on and must be configured by us. Standard CMS installations do not have an All Access entry on the Utilities page.

Step 1) Click Gear icon in the right top area of the cms admin panel >> then select "Network Sub-Sites" and then click Add a New Entry.

Fill out the site title and URL of the new members area folder.

Check the box to enable the site if you want this to be apart of a network. Skip this if you wish this to be stand alone.

Below you will have the following options:

Display Link: This option will determine if a link for each subsite appears above the set title when displaying a on a page showing other sites content. Use this option on your "network hub" page.
Show Aggregate Site List:   The option shows the list of other available subsites.  You have the option of sortin ghtis list "by name" or "by date".
Only Show This Site's Updates:   This option controls whether or not you will restrict content on this subsite. On the network hub page set this to "No" on a subsite page set this to "Yes".
Show Updates from Other Sites:  This option controls whether or not to show updates from other sites. On the network hub page set this to "Yes" on a subsite page set this to "No".

Under Override Folder, specify a name for the new PHPTEMPLATE/Smarty folder that matches the name of your new site. The folder name should not contain spaces or special characters. Info from your 'cmsinclude.ini.php' file will override this setting.

Unless you know what the other fields are used for you should leave them blank as they are commonly only used for custom site layouts.

On this page you may associate the content you wish to be displayed on this sub-site.

After you have filled in the fields and associated content, click the Add Entry button.

Step 2) Connect to your server via FTP and locate either your /cms_admin/phptemplate/ or the /cms_admin/smarty/ folder. Copy one of your existing PHPTEMPLATES/SMARTY folders and assign it the name that you specified in Step 1 above.

Step 3) FTP to your server and locate the members folder for one of your existing sites. Copy all of the cms related php files, css file and any other applicable files e.g. images folder, etc. and upload a copy of these files to the new site's members folder. Note - php files need to be uploaded in binary mode. 

Step 4) In the new members folder edit cmsinclude.ini.php and enter/edit SUBSITE_ID = X where X = the Id of the site. You can find out what a sub-site's ID is by clicking Manage CMS >> Network Sub-Sites and looking to the left of each site name.

Step 5) Add the following line to the cmsinclude.ini.php file:

PHP_FOLDER=siteX  ( replace X with the name of the PHPTEMPLATE template folder you want to use for this site).


SMARTY_FOLDER = XXXXXX (replace XXXXXX with the name of the smarty template folder you want to use for this site).

Step 6) Add a symlink (or have your host add this for you) to symlink the content/ folder on the parent/main site that stores the content to the /content folder within your new site or subdomain. Symlinks are not CMS related so this is not something our support staff can help with.

Adding and Editing Sets

When the All access setup is used, when you click Add/Edit for Sets you will see a select box for Sites. You will need to specify which site(s) to associate when adding new sets/updates.

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