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Change Tour and Member Area Text
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Change Tour and Member Area Text

There are 2 different types of text that can be edited within the admin panel without editing any of the page templates. One is the general text, top navbar text and copy that appears throughout the site. The other is text that represents Photos and Videos such as the links that show on the photo gallery and movie pages inside the members area.

To edit the Photo/Video text:

Step 1) Click Plug-Ins and then Manage Watermarks and Photo Settings. Here you will see entries for your full size photos. If you have multiple sizes of photos, the text under the Name heading will be displayed on your photo gallery pages.

Step 2) Click Utilities, Media Types. The text shown under the Label heading is what will be displayed in your members area for the movie formats and download links on movie pages.

To edit general site copy and navigation text:

Step 1) Click Plug-Ins, Manage Template Fields. Here you can edit each text entry and change the value as needed. The fields are named to correspond with the item and have descriptor prefixes such as titletxt, navtxt to make identification easier.


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