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Add Content to a Tour
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Add Content to a Tour

Step 1) Login to your CMS admin panel. Click the Tours icon (or Plug-Ins/Manage Tours). If the icon is not listed in your top icon bar you can add it by clicking Toolbar Configuration on the left side menu.

Step 2) Click Manage Content to the right of the name of the tour you want to manage.

This page is where you will associate content with the tour and where you control the order of updates on the tour pages. You'll see links next to each set: U D T B.

Clicking U will move the corresponding set up 1 spot. D will move it down. T will move the set all the way to the top spot, B will move it to the bottom spot.

If you click Add a New Entry (wording may differ on older software versions) you can associate Content Sets with the tour.

Step 3) Once sets are added, you have the option to specify a movie trailer as well as upload and/or crop images for each set. Clicking Thumbs wil display the image locations specified under Edit for this tour.

You have the options to select thumbs from your Content Sets and crop them, or upload an image and load it into the cropper to be cropped and resized.

To crop from a video rather than a full size photo:

If a valid media type was selected from the dropdown, this will load a full size screenshot of your video.

If you scroll down, under the video you will see options for navigating frames in the movie. You can skip ahead 1 frame, 10 frames, 100 or 1000 frames. Navigate to a frame you would like to crop.

Click the Create a Thumb from This Frame button. This will load the image into the cropper.


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