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Add Google Analytics
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Add Google Analytics

For CMS installations or upgrades later than March, 2012 your /smarty/smarty_folder/general/page_top.tpl template should already contain the Google Analytics code between the <head></head> tags. Previous 3.2 version templates may contain this code in the /smarty/smarty_folder/general/page_bottom.tpl template.

To use Google Analytics, log into your CMS admin panel and click Plug-Ins >> Template Fields.

Select the area you wish to edit the template field by selecting the area from the drop down:
Google 1

You'll see a field named Google Analytics Code.

Edit this field and enter your Google Analytics number. This number is found within the code you get from the admin area on your Google Analytics account and looks something like UA-123456789
Google 2
Click "Save Entry" and your ara will now have the Google Analytics code embedded.

For more info about Google Analytics -->

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