Add Trailers to a Tour
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Add Trailers to the Tour

Step 1) Upload the trailer video to your tour folder's site root, for example

If you want to put your trailer videos into a folder (we suggest this) you will need to create a folder called /trailers/ inside your tour folder, for example and upload your trailer videos here.

Step 2) In your CMS admin panel, click the Tours icon. If this icon is not present, click Toolbar Configuration on the left side menu and add it to your top navbar.

Step 3) Click Manage Content. Next to each set associated with the tour you will see a link that says Trailers. Click Trailers and enter the filename of your trailer e.g. modelname.flv or modelname.wmv. If you chose to have a folder for trailers you'll need to enter the folder and filename e..g. '/trailers/modelname.flv'

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