Set Up a Mobile Member's Area
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UPDATE:  These instructions are for  using Smarty Templates. New PHP templates are responsive and should auto size to whichever screen you are viewing from. You can still set up a dedicated mobile area using these instructions but step 3 you'll use the /phptemplate/ folder instead of the 'smarty' folder and  the include will be PHP_FOLDER= instead of SMARTY_FOLDER=

Setting Up a Mobile Member's Area

(NOTE - This requires purchase of the Mobile add-on and your CMS admin panel to be version 3.1 or later. These instructions assume you already have a mobile site in use that was setup by us. )

Step 1) FTP to your server and create a folder (or access a subdomain like '') you want to use for your mobile member's area.

Step 2) FTP to your server and locate the members folder for one of your existing sites. Copy all of the cms related php files, css file and any other applicable files e.g. images folder, etc. and upload a copy of these files to the location in Step 1 above. Note - php files need to be uploaded in binary mode.

Step 3) Connect to your server via FTP and locate your cms_admin/smarty. Copy one of your existing Smarty mobile folders( e.g 'smarty0_mobile') and assign it a name that matches the site ( e.g 'smarty0_mobile_newsite')

Step 4) Edit the cmsinclude.ini.php file in the new mobile folder and change the line SMARTY_FOLDER= to match the folder name specified in Step 3 above. Make sure the site ID is the correct site ID for this site. It should match the ID contained in the cmsinclude.ini.php of the site's standard member's area.

Step 5) Add a symlink (or have your host add this for you) to symlink the content/ folder on the standard/main member's area of the site that stores the content to the /content folder within your new folder or subdomain. Symlinks are not CMS related so this is not something our support staff can help with.

Step 6) In your admin panel under Utilities, Media Types, edit the Media Types and specify which are mobile compatible and are to be displayed on mobile devices.


A) You can automatically redirect members that are viewing on a mobile device to your new mobile area by adding the following lines to the 'cmsinclude.ini.php' file of your DESKTOP members area:


and you can redirect members viewing on a desktop browser to your new mobile area by adding the following lines to the 'cmsinclude.ini.php' file of your MOBILE members area:

B) If you are using our defualt templates you can use the same location fgor the mobile and desktop members areas and switch the smarty templates by declaring both areas in the cmsinclude.ini.php file:

SMARTY_FOLDER={name of smarty folder}
MOBILE_SMARTY_FOLDER={name of mobile smarty folder}

Then comment our the MOBILE=0 line by adding ';' before it like this:


Then the Mobile version link will allow the members to swich back and forth between mobile version(using your mobile samrty templates) and the "normal" version (using your desktop smarty templates)

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