Adding Multiple Languages
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Adding Multiple Languages

Step 1) Click Gear Icon(Settings), select Multi-Language Setup. English is the default. There is no need to create an entry for English.

Step 2) Click Add a New Entry. Enter a name for the language e.g. French.

You may specify a different images folder for each language. By default, the system will use the /images/ folder, however. in version 3.2 and higher, the section heading images are in English.  You may wish to use different graphics for each language. In this case, specify the corresponding folder where you will put the images e.g.  /dutch/

Step 3) Specify which language should be used by default when someone accesses the site. This name should match the name of one of your language entries (or be set to English).

Step 4) In admin, for all text fields you will now see additional fields where you can edit/enter the text for the other languages. In your 'members' area, on the right-hand side will be a dropdown for selecting the language.

Step 5) To switch between languages in your members or tour areas, use the ?lang=X  where X is the ID number of the language you wish to use.

If you create the following entries in the Multi-Language admin area:
Spanish is ID:1
French is ID:2

It stores a cookie.

Clears cookie, Sets to English.
You will need to enter the translated words for most entries in the Template fields admin.
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