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DVD Associations
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DVD Association
Location - Plug-Ins

This Plug-In is used to manage a DVD section.

If you use this Plug-In frequently an icon for it can be added to your top navigation bar by clicking Toolbar Configuration on the left side menu.

Click Configure to change settings and specify the size of the boxcover/thumbnail. If you upload a larger image the CMS will resize the image to the dimensions listed under Configure.

To manage DVDs click Manage.

At the top of the main DVD management page you'll see a search field and 2 buttons below it.

Manage Studios
Using this is optional. Entering studios is not required. This lets you manage your list of studios and associate DVD titles with them. If you choose to associate DVDs with studios users will be able to search or click a studio name link and see a list of other titles from that studio.

Extra Fields
By default a few common fields have been entered. These are data fields that are shown on the DVD page. You can add custom fields. Once you've created a new field in admin, in order for it to show up on your site you'll need to edit the smarty/dvds/dvd1.tpl file and enter the following tag where you want the field to show:


Change XXXXXX to the name of the field.

Managing DVDs

Click add a new entry. Here you can enter all the info for the DVD and associate it with the sets (scenes) it belongs with.

Once you've added a DVD you can click Thumbs to the right of the entry to add a boxcover or thumbnail image.

Scene preview thumbs for each scene are auto-generated by default under Sets or Utilities, Batch Operations.




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