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Setup a Transparent Tour
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Setup a Transparent Tour

Step 1) FTP to your server and locate the members folder for one of your existing sites. Copy all of the cms related php files, css file, .js files and any other applicable files e.g. images folder, etc. and upload a copy of these files to the new transparent tour folder. Note - php files need to be uploaded in binary mode.

DO NOT copy the content folder.

Note: If your are copying the CMS members area via FTP, please make sure you do a BINARY  file transfer. If you use AUTO or ASCII settings, your encoded PHP files may be corrupted in the transfer process. For more information on how to do a BINARY transfer, please consult your FTP client's documentation.

Step 2) Locate your template folder (If PHP templates look in /cms_admin/phptemplate/ if you are using smarty, look in /cms_admin/smarty/ folder )  and make a copy of the template folder you want to use for the tour. Rename the folder to be a different name  that you can identify with no spaces.

Example:  /cms_admin/phptemplate/mysite_trial/  (where 'mysite' is the name of your template folder)

Step 3) In your CMS admin, go to Plugins >> Trials.
Create a new trial ID that will be used for the setting of you transparant tour. This will be where you can restrict content and set join links. Please note the ID # of the trial that you are setting up for use in the next step.

Step 4) Inside your new tour folder, edit cmsinclude.ini.php. Specify a different template folder by adding one of the following:


SMARTY_FOLDER = foldername

And edit/add the following:


Where X is the numberof the trial you setup. (From step 3)

Step 5) Create a symlink (or ask your host to do this for you) to your content folder:

Create a symlink named 'content' that links your members area 'content' folder inside your transparent tour folder. 

Step 6) Edit the transparent tour templates( mysite_trial ) to remove sections that only work inside the site such as poll, ratings, comments and favorites and remove links to content pages and/or replace them with links to your join page. You can assign a trailer to appear if you have one indexed by the system as part of your normal sets.

Please be aware that we consider all of the above to be general Webmaster tasks and that being the case may not cover us assisting with setup or troubleshooting of transparent tours as part of our included standard product support. Additional charges for support time may be required.

Step 7) Makes sure you read the article regarding trial content protection located here:

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