Moving the Elevated X CMS to Another Server
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Moving the Elevated X CMS to Another Server

If your host copies everything including domains and keeps the system paths the same on the new server as they are now you should be set. The IONCube license is tied to the domain name in your Elevated X license so there are no additional steps we need to take. This is the easiest way and will also let us avoid additional work (and any charges) for the move. Please make sure before you move that your new host has all of the following requirements:    (failing to do so accounts for about 95% of all delays and issues when changing hosts.)

Here is what you need to tell your new host:
1) CMS Files are encoded with IONCube so make sure they use Binary transfer mode
2) Please keep system paths intact if possible. If not please make a note of all changes.
3) Make sure to copy the dB files and keep the same names/passwords/setup.
4) Test before you change DNS and leave your old host with a hosts file entry.

Should your CMS need to be reinstalled by us there is a 1-time setup fee of $250. If after the move things are not working properly or need to be repaired to work on the new server there is a 1-time support charge of $250 for move related fixes. We have done everything we can to enable you to move hosts without any involvement from us. Should you run into problems please open a support ticket with us at .

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