Export Sets Function
Posted by John [Elevated X Support], Last modified by Mark [Elevated X Support] on 01 May 2014 04:50 PM

You can export sets between sites via the 'export sets' function located in the 'Utilities' area of your CMS admin panel.
Click the 'Utilities' tab, then click on the "Export Sets' button, then follow the directions below.

1) Select the sets you wish to export to the other site ID's, and add them to the right hand column
2) Select a Site(s) to Export To by checking the corresponding check-boxes
3) If you are exporting to an all-access subsite, you may wish to enter a folder name which will help keep your site content organized, otherwise do not enter a prepend folder in the 'Prepend Folder:' area
4) select Select Model Options: if you want to copy the model information to the new site
5) Select Category Options:  if you want to copy categories
6) Select 2257 Options: if you wish to copy 2257 information
7) under 'Misc Options' you have 3 choices:
   a) Copy set folders - copies the content making a duplicate in the site it is being copied to
   b) Symlink set folders - this creates a symlink to the original files, instead of copying them.
   c) Do not copy content folders
8) Click the export setting button and the operations will be completed via cron(every 5 mins) and may take some time to complete depending on the options selected.

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