How to copy an existing Episode Style Tour
Posted by John [Elevated X Support], Last modified by AJ Hall on 01 November 2017 03:28 PM

You can copy existing episode style tours to create new tours.

1) Have your host copy all the files in the current tour, to the location of the new tour.(perhaps /tour2/ )

2) Once this is done, in the admin, create a new tour entry by pressing "add a new entry " in the tour area.

3) Select "Import Settings From Tour:" and select the tour you want to copy from.

4) Rename the tour to something you will recall.

5) Change the path to the new tour in both "path" fields.

6) then save the new tour settings by pressing the "edit entry" button on the bottom.

7) Click the "manage content" for the new tour you created.

8) Select the tour in the dropdown of "Import Sets From Tour:" that you want to copy the content from. (Make sure your 'content' folder and it's contents' permissions have been set to CHMOD 777)

9) On the ftp server locate the new tour folder and edit the 'cmsinclude.ini.php' file and change the 'TOUR_ID' number to match the new tours ID number.

You should be all set to modify the new tour independently of the original tour.

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