Add Extra Fields
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Add Extra Fields

Extra fields allow you to insert custom variable tags into your pages that are associated with a set, model, category of 2257 record. This is useful for adding data that is non-searchable. Examples might be a person rating of an update, a custom upsell or store URL for a model or content set or model bio fields such as Twitter Handle.

Step 1) Log into your cms admin panel and click Plug-Ins and then Extra Fields,  Manage . Here you can specify a custom field that can be edited via the admin panel. Assign a name and enter a value for the contents of the field. Specify the location of the field so the data can belong to a model, set, etc. as intended.

Step 2) In order for the contents of the field to be displayed on a site you must first add the new variable tag to your template in each location you want the field to appear.

For PHP templates:

There is no need to edit the PHP templates. The system will add the fields as you add them.

For Smarty Templates:

Step 1) Paste the following tag into a Smarty template and replace TITLEHERE with the title/name you assigned to the extra field in the admin panel


Use of our tech support staff for assistance with extensive use of advanced features such as extra fields may result in additional support charges or estimates for custom coding.

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