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Batch Importing Content
Posted by John [Elevated X Support], Last modified by John [Elevated X Support] on 18 November 2014 11:20 AM

This guide wil cover importing multiple sets of content into the system using scan and batch tools.

1) Go to Utilities >>  Impoirt Export >>Scan And Add New Sets

Select a date for all new sets to be set to use.
( This will scan and identify all set folders that are not currently in the system. All sets will be added but not imported. The sets will use the folder name as the set name )
When this is finished it will take you to the Batch Operations area, normally under "Utilities  >>  Batch Operations"

2) The selected sets you wish to batch import shpould be on the right hand side 'include' column.

select the  "Import Content "   check box. (no other option can be performs when checking this.
(This will import and index each sets content into the system, but will not transcode or create any thumbs. This must be done separately. )

3) When the above import process is finished you will be returned to the Batch Operations page.

Select the sets you wish to batch import and move them to the right hand side 'include' column if they are not already on the right hand side.

Select which options you wish to perform on all these sets. Make sure to select the following:

Calculate Image Sizes / Movie Information
Recalculate Set XML
Recalculate Totals

All other options (besides import) can now be used. (Transcolde files, create Photos, etc.)

**NOTE:   the batch tool will send video operations to the video queue just like normal, but all other operations  will be done in real time. You MUST keep the batch window open and maintain a internet connection. If you close the window, enter sleep mode, or loose connection you will stop the processing.

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