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Data Fields with CCBill work like this:

If you want to pass an argument called "PA", then create a data variable named "PA"
http://< domain name >/cms_admin/plugins/gallerybuilder/gallerybuilder_inputfields.php

Data fields are the arguments passed along via the Join URL. The CMS edits the URL and makes changes to the fields that are passed along the URL.

If your join URL needs to be something like this:< domain name >/

You can have three fields:
CA: Make this hidden and set the default value to 666666  (This should be replaced by your CCBILL account/ID)
PA: This is the affiliate id portion that is passed from the gal_front area.
HTML: Make this a hidden field and set the default value to http://www.< domain name >.com

Make sure the sort order is set where CA is 0, PA is 1, HTML is 2.

Then, change the join URL to:

Let us know if you have any other questions regarding using the FHG tool with CCBIll instead of NATs.

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