Version 3.2 Tour Themes
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Tour Themes

Themes are all packaged up and committed to their own separate repositories.

All of them are available here:
Installation instructions
1) Download the zip file, unzip it.

2) Within the zip, there are two folders:
3) On the remove server, there will be a /cms_admin/smarty/, create a folder on there. Name it whatever you want. In the case of this example, we'll call it NEWFOLDER.
4) Upload the contents of /smarty/ within the zip file into /cms_admin/smarty/NEWFOLDER/      (*Where "NEWFOLDER" is the name of your new tour as mentioned above )
5) Now, within the CMS, go to Tours and add a new tour. At the top of the page, there will be a list of items to import. In this case, choose the settings that correspond with the tour template that you've installed (For example, if you've downloaded Theme 1, choose the item for **default** theme 1)
6) After you've clicked import, edit the other fields, and make sure the paths are correct. For instance, make sure the path to the tour is listed properly. In this case, we will use /path/to/TOUR/ as the example of where the tour should be.
7) On the remove server, create a folder that will house your tour. In this case, we will call this folder TOUR, which sits in /path/to/TOUR/  Upload the files located inside the 'tour' folder from the zip.
8) Edit cmsinclude.ini.php. Make sure the TOUR_ID is specified correctly, as well as SMARTY_FOLDER variable, as well as the path to CMS_ADMIN.
(If your tour folder is named anything other than 'tour' please edit the conf files(locatd in your smarty folders /config/ folder.) to adjust the path to content and SEO URL info.)
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