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Categories - Adding and Managing
Posted by John [Elevated X Support], Last modified by Mark [Elevated X Support] on 11 January 2018 05:38 PM

Adding and Managing Categories:

Categories allow you to assign sets to descriptive text terms that make it easier for your members to locate content that is similiar. Tags allow you to group these sets together for easy viewing.

To add or manage categories, find the "Categories" tab in the CMS' top navigation bar:
Categories 1
To add a new category, select "Add a new Category" and to Manage an existing category select "Manage Categories"

New category:
Categories 2
1) To add a new category please change the site root to "Tags"
2) Enter a title for the category. Limit to 30 chars.
3) Enter an internal description
4) Associate any sets you want to this category.
5) Click the "Save Entry" buton to save.

Your new category will be available to you when adding/editing a new set.

Managing Categories:
Cat 2
Edit categories as necessay but Please do not edit or modify any of the "Areas" categories unless you are editing your templates and know what you are doing as this can break functionality of our standard default templates.

You can export/import a CSV file of your categories by using the text link "Click here to bulk import / export categories"

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