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There are server-related session problems on your install.
Posted by Mark [Elevated X Support], Last modified by AJ Hall on 01 November 2017 03:29 PM

If you attempt to log into the CMS and get this error:

There are server-related session problems on your install. Please click here for more info.

This means there is a configuration-related problem with your server that your host / tech will need to correct.

In sum, what's happening here is that your server is not able to properly store session information your machine. The CMS requires sessions to be working in order to stay logged into the system, and pass information from one page-load to another.

Your host can use the following PHP code below to test this functionality.



if (empty($_SESSION["v"])) $_SESSION["v"] = 0;


The value of the session variable here is: <?php echo $_SESSION["v"]; ?>.
If you refresh this page, this value should increase.
If the value doesn't increase, there's a problem with PHP and sessions that your tech will need to troubleshoot.

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