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Tips for a fast and painless installation
Posted by John [Elevated X Support], Last modified by John [Elevated X Support] on 02 August 2018 10:12 AM


Please read and follow this guide to speed up your installation.

**CMS installation usually takes 4-6 business days - if there are no server configuration issues or hosting delays.

**We use a queue system so if your server is not ready, your installation ticket goes to the back. Once you get this resolved, update your ticket to get back in the install queue.


1) Use managed hosting. We highly recommend fully managed hosting so you have access to a server support team. We recommend MojoHost and have exclusive plans on our pricing page ( but any reputable adult hosting company should suffice. Make sure your host does not require use of cPanel if you plan to run multiple websites (see requirements in the next step).

2) Make sure your host/server tech has configured the server per our requirements at

The most common issues are a version of PHP lower than 7.1, IONCube loader not being setup or wrong version (10.2 or higher), the wrong version of MozJPEG3(optional), and missing the required PHP modules listed (see above link).

3) Make sure we have access to your server via FTP/SFTP. We provide our IP address for whitelisting in the requirements page (see above link). Tell us if we need to use a specific port for access.

4) Make sure your domain name is pointed to your server via your domain registrar and web host OR that you get a hosts file entry from your host for us to use for installation. We must be able to access the server via http in order to complete your installation.

5) Have test content uploaded to your server.

Upload photo and video files to a folder named ‘test_content’ on the server. Separate them into 2 sub-folders inside the test_content folder named ‘photos’ and ‘source’.

If you’re using our optional transcoder add-on you only need a single high quality, full length (no clips), movie file in any of the following formats:  .mp4 (recommended) , .mov, .mpg, .wmv, or .flv Upload the file into a sub-folder named 'source'.

We will also need a set of photos for testing. There should be at least 10 high resolution images in .jpg format in a sub-folder named 'photos'.

If you have not opted for our transcoder, then please upload a set of content that represents the bulk of your content. You can upload all of these files for 1 set, to a folder named 'test_content' on the server. Make sure your video files are encoded for web delivery. Let us know if you have any questions.

6) Have your host use a current static RELEASE version of FFMPEG available from This site compiles all the necessary FFMPEG add-ons that we require and will make testing and installation go smoothly. Version 4.x or higher is suggested

7) Always use the ticket system for replies. Email replies are not monitored, so you must login to reply to a ticket.

8) If you have questions, please ask. If you think we need to know something specific about your installation, please tell us in your ticket.

Remember, business days are Monday through Friday and we operate on Pacific Standard Time(PST). We are open from 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM. We are not open on weekends (except for emergency tickets). Please allow 24 hours for replies to your tickets (more if you ticket is submitted on weekends. If you require a rush installation, please let us know BEFORE purchasing and we will see if we are able to accommodate your needs. If you add additional add-ons such as MegaPass and FHG tool, the installation will require a few extra days for those add-ons to be configured.

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