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Posted by John [Elevated X Support], Last modified by AJ Hall on 01 November 2017 03:30 PM

We are removing the existing JW Player from all current versions fo Elevted X. If not updated, your video player will stop working in 30 days on October 15th!

The JW Player (which Elevated X has licensed since 2008) has decided to no longer honor the old license in an attempt to force payment of tens of thousands of dollars in license fees or it will shut off all client players. If you do not pay them, they will shut off your video player.

In response, we are moving ALL Elevated X users to an open source video player IMMEDIATELY.

Here is some information on the new video player we will be using going forward:

Key Features:

- HTML5 With Flash Fallback
- Supports HLS adaptive streaming
- Supports WMV / Silverlight fallback
- Works with desktop and mobile devices

Please open a ticket in the "upgrade" department to schedule an update of your media player.
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