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How to use image files on the server as a source for preview and thumbnails
Posted by John [Elevated X Support], Last modified by John [Elevated X Support] on 09 November 2017 09:24 AM

The Elevated X CMS system can be setup to use .jpg images as source materials for the thumbnail creation for all preview thumbnails. When you upload the content for a set you would also upload a folder full of images to use for thumbnails(either  members or tour areas) and the system will use specifically named images as the thumbnail sources. Here is an example:

When you upload content for a new set you also upload a folder inside of the set folder named /preview/.

e.g= '/members/content/upload/ < set folder name >/preview/'

Inside this folder you would upload the following named images to be used for thumbnail sources:

<set folder name> /preview/001.jpg
<set folder name> /preview/002.jpg
<set folder name> /preview/003.jpg
<set folder name> /preview/004.jpg
<set folder name> /preview/005.jpg
<set folder name> /preview/006.jpg
<set folder name> /preview/007.jpg
<set folder name> /preview/008.jpg

You would then set the thumbnail source for each thumbnail position to be a "folder" and the name of the image for each position in the Preview thumbnails plugin admin panel:  

1) Go to "Plugins" >> "Preview Thumbnails"  ( /cms_admin/plugins/previewthumb/previewthumb.php )

2) Edit the Preview Thumbnail setting you wish to edit by clicking the Edit button for that setting entry

3) Locate the "Capture Type " setting and change to "Capture From Folder"

4) Change the "Source" entry to be "/preview/1.jpg" - (or whatever your folder/file name should be for that entry)
Main Thumbnail: Position: 10 = /preview/010.jpg
Coming Soon Thumb Position: 13 = /preview/013.jpg
Set/Update Preview Thumb Position: 14= /preview/014.jpg

The main issue is that each set have the same /preview/ folder and the same named images inside.

Please be sure that these images and folders are readable and the folder permissions are set to CHMOD 777.

!!!!*** IMPORTANT   ****!!!
The files and folders MUST be present when the set is added to the system and after the settings have been changed, otherwise the system will not know to look for them when adding.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please open a ticket.

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