How to add new sources to transcoder settings
Posted by John [Elevated X Support] on 05 November 2015 10:24 AM

If you have a new source file type that is not currently in the setup that you wan to use as a source for creating new file formats, this guide will help you create a new soyrce entry so the system knows to look for your new file type as a source for the video transcoder. In this example we're going to create a source entry media type for .mpg so the system knows to look for .mpg files as a possible source for the transcoder.

1) Go to "Media Types" and create a new entry that uses the existing 'source mp4' entry as a basis by using the "import settings" drop down.

2) Edit the setting to your needs. in this case change the '#basename#.mp4' to '#basename#.mpg' and then chnage the "Source MP4" to read "Source MPG"

3) Go to "Video Transcoder" settings 'manage' tab in your plugins area. Use the check box "Select all" formats and then deselect the "combined streaming" option check box(as we do not want to change the settings of this item)

4) With the items selected from step 3, scrolling down to the "Bulk Edit Encoding Settings" and select "Update Sources". You should see a drop down that lists sources for the items that are selected. We want to select all the options that start with '/source/#.'. (You should see the new option you created listed there if you followed step 1) After you select all the source files you want to use, move them to the right hand pane by clicking the add button. When you have all the options you want to use as sources in the right hand "include" pane, then scroll down and click "Save Entry". The system will ask you if you are sure. Click "OK".

That's it. Your options will use the new sources to create all files. If you run into trouble please open a support ticket and let us know you need help.

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