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Using GIF files within your PHP tour
Posted by Mark [Elevated X Support] on 22 January 2016 11:42 AM

In a standard tour, you can't use GIF files as thumbnails.

The easiest way around this, for now, is to tell your system to use your members area thumbnails instead.

This will require changing some code within your standard tour.

Here's an example:

In tour/templates/update_table_preview.tpl, you will see a block of code that looks like this:

<?php StdImage(["set" => $set, "class" => "small_update_thumb thumbs", "usepriority" => "2"]); ?>

In order to get this to use the members area thumbnails instead of the tour area thumbnails, you can change this line to:

<?php StdImage(["set" => $set, "class" => "small_update_thumb thumbs", "usepriority" => "14", "memberthumb" => 1]); ?>

Here, we are:

  • Changing the value of usepriority to one of the Thumbnail Positions used in your members area. 14 is commonly used in members areas.
  • Adding memberthumb = 1.

By making these changes, you should be able to use GIF files within your tours.


If your functions/standard.tpl file within your template folder is dated before 2012-01-26, you may need to update this file for this functionality work.

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