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Live Cam Show Setup
Posted by John [Elevated X Support] on 10 March 2016 11:20 AM

This guide will tell you how to enable the Live Cam Show feature of version 4.0 and above of the Elevated X Pro CMS. You'll want to make sure you are using the PHP version of our free templates which are available for download in 4 variations.( )

1) Check your CMS admin panel for version number.(Should be > 4.0.0001 ) and makes ure your area is using PHP templates. If you do not see this please open a support ticket in the support area and request an upgrade.

2) In the plugins area of the admin, enable the "Live Cam Shows" plugin

3) Click the "Configure" button to the right of "Live Cam Shows" and then click "Add a new entry". Read and follow the steps to enter a name, description and the embed feed code provided by the web cam show provider. Click "Save Entry" to save the information.

4) Click on the "Show Schedule" button to set a date for the show to appear. Click the "Add Entry" button. Select a show from the drop down menu, fill out the form fields for "Title", Time range, and Time Zone, and finally, enter a description for the show. When you are done, press "Save Entry".

5) When there is a show scheduled the count down banner will display in areas as "Next Live Show" and then a count down.

6) When the live show is current(Live) the banner will read "Live Show Now" and the banner will become clickable and will take your users to a page that has the embed feed displaying for members.

7) After the show, the banner will either stop displaying or will change to the next scheduled show depending on if there are any additional shows scheduled.

This should all be very straight forward, but If you have any questions please let us know

You'll find the code for the countdown box in /site0/header.tpl starting on line 247.

Please make sue you have everything backed up before you make any modifications



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