Using SSL and Enabling https: in your areas.
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Using SSL and https: in your front facing areas.

As of 2017 Google will soon begin penalizing sites without HTTPS://
We strongly recommend using SSL for your front facing site areas. If you need an SSL certificate, here is a link for 25% off at GoDaddy

Many clients hoping to gain favorable search engine results are enabling SSL and using https protocols for tour areas. Once you have your host setup your SSL certificate and enable https for the desired areas, you'll need to force the CMS to use https in the desired area. You'll need to enter the area URL as a full URL using the https:// identifier in the entry.


Instead of:


Area URL

enter:       (Where the URL of your tour has the https: in the beginning )

Area URL with https:

You can change this in the "Manage Site Areas" admin (located under the right-hand gear icon).
Select the area your wish to edit by clicking "Edit" and change the "Area URL"

When you are done, press the "Save Entry" button in the bottom right-hand corner.
This should force all links inside the area to use the https: protocol instead of HTTP:

Let us know if you run into any issues or questions.

!!** Important ** !
Also, see this article to ensure links are forced to use HTTPS by default

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