Verotel Setup
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In order to set up your VOD site to use Verotel, this will take changes on Verotel's admin panel, and then setup within your VOD area.

Verotel Control Panel Setup

1) Within your control panel here:

You will need a new website set up within their admin panel that's exclusively used for the VOD product here. This way, any sort of other transactions you have outside of VOD won't interfere with VOD.

2) Once this is done, go into the new website set up within Verotel's admin panel. Please make sure the Testing Card is enabled for this website. Once it is enabled, please provide us the:

- Testing Card number
- Testing Card CVV

Both of these are available under the Website Detail page in the Verotel admin panel.

3) Once this is done, we will need you to go into this new website, and then choose "Flexpay Options" for this website.

We will need the following information:
- Signature Key
- Shop ID

4) On the same "Flexpay Options" page, you will need to change the Flexpay postback script URL to this value:

Where is replaced with the URL to your actual VOD area.

5) On the same "Flexpay Options" page, under Payment Options, please make sure only the credit card option is checked. We don't support Bitcoin or Direct Debit at this time.

Once this is done, click Save.

If you have trouble getting any of these things set up, please contact Verotel Merchant Support. You can find their contact information on this page under the Merchant Support heading:

Admin Panel Setup

Once you have the required information / changes from Verotel, you'll want to set up a billing option for Verotel:

1) Within the VOD menu at the top of your CMS Admin Panel, choose the Billing dropdown.

2) Add a new Billing Entry.

3) Under Biller Type, make sure you choose Verotel from the available options.

4) Make sure one or more of the following is checked:

- Show Buy Now Button

- Enable Shopping Cart

- Allow Deposit of Funds

5) Make sure you enter the Verotel Shop Id and Verotel Signature Key you received from their admin panel.

6) Click Save Entry

Testing the Payment Processor

Please see this guide for testing the payment processor:

Making your VOD Area Use this Biller

Please see this guide for testing the biller:

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