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Can I hide scenes from showing up on a VOD store?

Yes. Please see this guide on how to do this:


Can I hide scenes from showing up on my members area and have them show on my VOD store?

Not at this time. You can, however, make your members area a Hybrid Area, and optionally make sure all of your scenes are free. More information below.

What is a Hybrid VOD area?

A regular VOD area is visible to the public. An end-user can browse your VOD store, look at trailers, do searches, etc. If they wish to rate, favorite, or purchase a scene, they'll need to sign in. The CMS handles the registration and sign-in of this user.

A Hybrid VOD area is like a regular members area. It's protected by a paywall. It's billing, and usernames are handled by your payment processor. What's different about a hybrid area from a regular members area is that you can offer upsells to your members. For example, members can view standard content for free, but are able to buy premium content, downloads, or other possibilities for an upcharge.

Do changes I make to my VOD area affect my members area?

Under the VOD header in the admin panel, making changes within the following will not affect your members area:

- View Transactions
- Billing
- Price Tiers
- Purchase Options

In addition:

- Bulk Edit On Demand Price Tier on Set Listing Page: This does not affect your members area at all.

- On Demand Settings on Set Edit Page: This does not affect your members area at all.

For the following, use caution:

- Users: Any changes you make for that specific user will only pertain to that user.

- Areas: As long as you make changes to the VOD area and not the members area under this heading, it will not affect your members area.

- Template Fields: Make sure you are editing your VOD area.

- Templates: If you are using the same template folder for your VOD area as you are your members area, changes to your templates will show up in both areas.

- content/upload: Any content you upload to your CMS is used by both your members area and VOD area.

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