Photos, Thumbs, Zips Not Being Created
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Mark [Elevated X Support] on 01 May 2014 04:42 PM

If selecting checkboxes for content items does not result in the content being generated there may be several causes.

First, click Sets, click Edit to open the content set and then ONLY check the box that says "Remove Content from this Set" and click the Edit Entry button. Then, re-open the set and try to check the boxes again to create content as well as import the set.

If this fails, it's possible that the content folder on your server is missing folders, folders are improperly named and/or your individual content filenames are incorrect.

Keep in mind that both the server and the cms are CASE SENSETIVE. This means if your system is setup to pull files named .jpg or .wmv, uploading files named .JPG or .WMV may result in the files not being recognized when the system attempts to import the content.

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