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Enabling memcached on your installation
Posted by John [Elevated X Support], Last modified by Mark [Elevated X Support] on 13 April 2018 05:36 PM

Memcached enables you to store the queries in RAM on your dB server to decrease page load times and prevent query files from being written to the server.

After your host has made the changes to your server and provided you with the IP address, port number, and memory, begin the settings changes:

Under the gear icon on the right-hand side of the CMS admin panel, go to "Global Settings"
Next, locate the "MySQL Query Caching" area and change the method to "memcached server" and make any changes to the "Memcached Host" area.

Enter memcached server information separated by commas.

Format: hostname:port:memory,hostname:port:memory.

Hostname: The machine name that hosts the memcached server
Port: The port the memcached server uses.
Memory: The amount of memory allocated to the memcached server.

Save your changes and you should be ready to go.

Please let us know if you run into any issues.

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