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Using Web Forms
Posted by John [Elevated X Support] on 12 June 2017 08:33 PM

To create a webform that will submit information to an email address, go to your Plugins >> Web Forms >> Manage

Create a new foirm by clicking the "add a new entry" button and fill out all fields for the form.

Next you can choose which field should be displayed by clicking the "fields" area. These shopuld be self explanatory but you have text fields, text areas, check boxes, radio buttons, or drop down menus.

To add options in a drop down, simply select the "select" option and choose "Drop-Down" as the option.
Then change the number of fields to be more than 1.(In this example I choose 5) and then enter the options for the name and value for each entry.

Click save and you should see the options in the contact form:

Your form will be available at the ID of the form at the following URL:


(Where X is the ID of your form)

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