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3 ways trailers can be configured for use on tours.
Posted by John [Elevated X Support] on 10 September 2017 04:17 PM
There are 3 ways for the system to handle trailers on tours:

1) (Default) Have the system create them for you from your full-length source files by creating a 60-second "preview". This happens when you select the "create 60-second MP4 480p preview trailer 60-second" option in the transcoder options. This will copy the preview trailer to the trailers folder and assign to the tour by filling out the path and file name entry for you.

2) Upload them via FTP into the 'trailers' folder and manually assign them to the tour by entering the folder name and file name of the trailer in the "trailers" raea for each set assinged to the tour.

3) Upload the trailer source file to a folder inside the content set when adding a a new set of content, named 'trailersource'. We can set the system to use this file as the source file for the trailer and the transcoder will create a new web streamable version and copy it to the trailers folder and assign tot he tour area for that set(if the set is assigned to the tour) for you.

In Transparent tours and trial areas, the media type for 'trailer" can be set to be embedded on the page where the normal video content would go. Please ask for ehelp with this via the ticket system.
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