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Import / Export Comments to CSV file
Posted by Mark [Elevated X Support], Last modified by Mark [Elevated X Support] on 21 September 2017 11:35 PM
The CMS has the ability to import and export comments to a CSV file.

You can reach this functionality by going to Utilities -> Import / Export from the top menu. Once you are on that page, there should be an option for "Import / Export Comments" on the page.

Note: You'll need to have the Comment Plugin enabled in order to see this listing on the Import / Export page.

Once you are on the comments import / export page, you'll see a link that allows you to download either the current comments as a CSV file, or a template of how the CSV file will look if there are no comments available.

An example CSV would look like this:

Comment Id,Content Type,User Id,User Name,Item Id,Item Title,Display Name,Comment Text,Date Added,Approved,Admin Submitted,Show as Admin,Parent Comment,Language Id
"1","set","","","3","The Rubdown","SlimShady","You're spontaneous, and I love it!","2015-08-11 14:42:40","1","1","0","","0"
"14","set","","","4","Bang My Box","Chef Jeff","I want to eat you!","2015-08-11 14:42:40","1","1","0","","0"
"20","set","","","7","Sweet Seduction","Daddy Warbucks","You are warmer than a Snuggie.","2015-08-11 14:42:40","1","1","0","","0"

CSV Columns

Here are details on what each of these columns are.

Comment Id: This is a unique ID of the comment within the database. If you leave this value blank, the system will insert this row as a new comment. If you set this to a value (e.g: 1, 110, 4839), the system will use this ID as the comment ID, and overwrite any other comments already in the system that use this ID.

Content Type
: This is the type of content that the "Item Id" and "Item Title" is.

Values of this include:

set: Content set.
news: News entries.
model: Models.
dvd: DVDs

User Id
: This is the internal user id that the comment is associated with. If you are inserting comments for users that may not exist in the system, leave this value blank.

User Name
: If the User Id value is set blank, the import system will instead try and use this username to determne what user id to insert as.
Optionally, you can configure the system to either insert new users within the system, or error out if this user does not already exist.

Item Id
: This is the Id of the type of content that this comment is associated with. Depending on the Content Type, this may refer to different types of content.

set: This refers to content, whose ID is listed on /cms_admin/contentgroup.php
news: This refers to news entries, whose ID is listed on /cms_admin/plugins/news/news.php
model: This refers to models, whose ID is listed on /cms_admin/plugins/contentasc/contentasc.php
dvd: This refers to DVDs, whose ID is listed on /cms_admin/plugins/dvdasc/dvdasc.php

If this value is set to blank, the import system will instead try and use the Item Title to detemine which Content ID to use.

Item Title
: If Item Id is set to blank, the import system will try and find the Item Title based on what Content Type is set.

set: This refers to content, whose Title is listed on /cms_admin/contentgroup.php
news: This refers to news entries, whose Title is listed on /cms_admin/plugins/news/news.php
model: This refers to models, whose Name is listed on /cms_admin/plugins/contentasc/contentasc.php
dvd: This refers to DVDs, whose Title is listed on /cms_admin/plugins/dvdasc/dvdasc.php

Display Name
: This is the name as displayed on the site for the person submitting the comment.

Comment Text
: This is the comment text.

Date Added
: This is the date that the comment is listed as added to the system.

: If set to 1, this means that the comment is live and showing on the site. If set to 0, this comment

Admin Submitted
: If set to 1, this means that an administrator submitted this comment. In order to use this, please set both User Id and User Name as blank.

Show as Admin
: If this comment is admin submitted, set this value to 1 so that the comment system will flag this comment as submitted by an admin.

Parent Comment
: If the value of Admin Submitted is 1, this means that this comment can be a reply to another comment. If this is a reply, set this value to a Comment Id, otherwise, leave this value blank.

Language Id
: This is the language id that the comment should show under. If you are not using multi-language, or want this comment on the primary language, set this value to 0. Otherwise, set this value to the language Id as specified under /cms_admin/langs.php

Import Options

User Options: You can determine what to do with users that do not exist within the system. You can either set this value to add new users to the system under User Tracking, or error out if the user does not exist.

Item Options: You can determine whether to ignore any sort of set errors, or show any errors when doing an import.

Remove Existing Comments: If set to yes, remove any existing comments in the system.

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