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CCbill Setup
Posted by Mark [Elevated X Support], Last modified by Mark [Elevated X Support] on 14 January 2022 08:00 PM

In order to set up your VOD site to use CCbill, this will take changes on CCbill's admin panel, and then setup within your VOD area.

CCbill Control Panel Setup

1) Subaccount Setup:

VOD requires a separate subaccount be set up with CCbill. This subaccount needs to be approved for use in order to do test orders and real orders.

This subaccount will need the following settings:
- Dynamic Pricing set up.
- User management turned off.
- Multi-Sign turned on.
- One Click Upgrades and SMS upgrades are unnecessary and not used by our system.
- OPTIONAL: If you want to have orders over $100, you'll also need to request this from CCBill. Otherwise, we can cap the shopping cart so that orders over $100 can't be placed.
- OPTIONAL: ChargePlus support (see below for more details)

2) ChargePlus Support (Optional):

If you want customers to be able to make purchases without having to put in their credit card each time, we will need ChargePlus to be turned on by CCbill's end. Please check with CCbill if you wish for this to be set up.

NOTE: You may not be approved for chargeByPrevious. In this case, customers will need to enter their billing information for each purchase.

If you are approved for ChargePlus, CCbill will need to set up a datalink account so our system can take advantage of ChargePlus.
Datalink has IP restrictions in place, so access will need to be granted to your outgoing Server IP.

Your host can provide this IP address to you as needed. The easiest way for them to do this is to run:

curl -s 2>&1

Via the command line.

3) Setup Postbacks:

VOD requires specific postbacks and redirects set up under this new subaccount. These URLs are set up as follows:

Approval URL:
Approval Post URL:
Denial URL: Leave Blank
Denial Post URL: Leave Blank

Please make sure that is replaced with the URL to your VOD area.

5) Test Orders

CCbill will need to configure a test order email. Typically, CCbill will want an email address and IP address range that is allowed.

If you would like Elevated X Support to perform any tests, our IP is:

Please also make sure that your server IP listed above is listed as an IP that can do test transactions.

6) Label Change:

You will want to have CCBILL change the default "Pricing Description" that displays to your customers. By default this will be "X.XX (USD) for 2 days - (Non-recuring). Please have them change the description to:

"X.XX (USD) for your purchase"

7) Required Information

Once this is done, please take note of the following information, as it will go in your admin panel

- CCbill Account Number
- CCbill Subaccount Number
- CCbill Form Name / Id. Forms should be using their FlexForms interface, instead of JPost
- CCbill Salt Value
- CCbill Datalink Login / Password (If you are using ChargePlus)

This will come in handy for setting up your VOD payment processor within the CMS admin panel.

CCbill Support

If you have trouble getting a reply back or timely service, please consider calling CCBILL's merchant support line at 800.510.2859 and stay with them on the line until all the issues are correct and you are satisfied.

Admin Panel Setup

Once you have the required information / changes from Verotel, you'll want to set up a billing option for Verotel:

1) Within the VOD menu at the top of your CMS Admin Panel, choose the Billing dropdown.

2) Add a new Billing Entry.

3) Under Biller Type, make sure you choose CCbill from the available options.

4) Make sure one or more of the following is checked:

- Show Buy Now Button

- Enable Shopping Cart

- Allow Deposit of Funds

5) Make sure you populate the CCbill related fields with the information you got from up above:

- CCbill Account Number

- CCbill Subaccount Number

- CCbill Form Name

- CCbill Salt Value

6) Optional: If you are using chargePlus, make sure "Enable One-Click Upgrades" is checked.

Then, be sure to populate the values of:

- CCbill Datalink Login

- CCbill Datalink Password

6) Once you have filled out the required information, Click Save Entry.

Testing the Payment Processor

Please see this guide for testing the payment processor:

Making your VOD Area Use this Payment Processor

Please see this guide for testing the payment processor:

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