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PHP Template Function: LoadTemplate
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This is the standard function used to load a subtemplate from a regular CMS template. It differs from a regular PHP call such as include by:

1) Variables that are declared within the existing template won't get assigned in the subtemplate UNLESS they are explicitly passed along.

2) Global variables (viewed by adding debug=1 to the members/template URL) declared by the CMS engine are available within the subtemplate automatically.

Common Location:



<?php LoadTemplate("template_sections/template.tpl"); ?>

<?php LoadTemplate("template_sections/template.tpl", ["varname" => 1]); ?>


1) The first argument is the path to the template that should be loaded.

2) The second argument is a list of variables that should be included into the global scope once this template is included.

Within the second example above, an array is passed along with ["varname" => 1]. Within template.tpl, a variable name called $varname will be available, and its value is set to 1.

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