User has a negative balance
Posted by Mark [Elevated X Support] on 06 December 2019 11:37 PM


On the user transactions page, the following error message is present:

"User has a negative balance. Corresponding deposits must be added for each sale manually added to the system."


This typically happens when individual purchases are added to a user's transactions, but no corresponding deposit is done for this user.


In order to correct this, a deposit must be added to the system for this user.

- First, take note of the balance amount. For instance, you may see that the user is overdrawn by $-9.99.

- On the user transactions page where you see the error message, click "Add New Entry" at the bottom of the page.

- Under Transaction Type, make sure the type is set to "deposit"

- Under amount, put in the amount that the user is overdrawn. In our example, the user's balance was $-9.99. So, you will want to set this amount to 9.99 to offset the amount the user was overdrawn.

- Click Save Entry

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